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5 Steps to Serve Customer Complaints Effectively

5 Steps to Serve Customer Complaints Effectively

In running a business, customer complaints will always be there. But if not handled properly, this can bring down your business. How to deal with customer complaints effectively? Find out with Asuransi Bumida with the steps below.

Hear and listen well

Listening to all the complaints that customers make is the basic thing in running a business. Listen carefully and don't occasionally interrupt the customer's conversation, especially if the customer is talking in a high tone or emotion. Show a sense of care and empathy so that customers feel cared for and give assurance that their complaints will be resolved properly.

Calm and patient

Sometimes customers feel unconcerned because you're too rigid in responding to their complaints. Apply the conversation in a relaxed style like a daily chat to calm down customers who make their complaints. Even though you are relaxed, you must still maintain authority to show the professionalism of the business you have.

Solution focus

When you have got the gist of the complaint that the customer submitted, immediately provide some alternative solutions. Prioritize solutions that please customers, but as much as possible still benefit you as a businessman. You must still prioritize customer satisfaction no matter how heavy the complaints are and rest assured that there will be a win-win solution that you can provide.

Record complaints as an evaluation

The existence of a complaint does not mean that your product or service is bad. Treat their complaints to improve the quality of your business products and services to customers. Record all issues for evaluation. Apart from being an evaluation, recording complaints can also be used as a reference when there are similar complaints.

Give more than customer expectations

After you are sure that you have provided the best solution for the customer, if necessary, give unexpected things to the customer for their loyalty to using your product or service. You can give product gifts, discount coupons, shopping vouchers, or come directly to the customer's home to apologize and promise to improve service even better.

A complaint is an indication that a customer is paying attention to your business and still wants to use your product or service. Customer complaints are one way to establish communication with customers. If you can handle it well, your business will get a good rating from customers. One satisfied customer is a valuable promotional asset because it will tell dozens of others about your business.

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