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Think About This Before Starting a Business

Think About This Before Starting a Business

Ever felt motivated by a successful entrepreneur's story? But are you ready to go through bad times like they've ever had?

Some business actors succeed in building the right mindset before actually starting a business. The point is that they are prepared not to be too surprised if when running a business things happen beyond expectations.

For those of you who are going to start a business, have you thought of some of the things below?

1. Not Just Seeking Profit

This is a fundamental question for all businesses: What is your goal in trying? Some will answer "By trying myself, I can do things that I love and earn from it." That is, a business must be able to generate profits in order to become a decent source of income for them.

Not wrong either. But, actually trying is not just looking for profit. According to Greg Smith, former Executive Director of Goldman Sachs, on the Huffington Post website, when businesses view profit as the main goal, they no longer think of consumers as human beings (living things). Business actors, will only view consumers as objects to help make money.

As a result, they will not put consumer satisfaction as a top priority. Product quality is not maintained, service is not something important, and others. If this continues to be allowed, it is only a matter of time before consumers finally come to their senses and switch to competing brands.

For that, change the mindset of your business to serve consumers. View consumers as the people you want to help through your product. That way, you'll surely put their satisfaction as the ultimate goal. Satisfied consumers, both with products and services, will surely continue to return and ultimately bring profits to the business.

2. Have a Good Forward Vision

No one ever knows about the future. Things beyond expectations sometimes make you have to adapt and change the plan that has been drawn up. Even so, just because there are unexpected things that will definitely happen, does not mean that you don't need a clear vision of the effort.

On the contrary, the business vision will actually help you achieve your target even though you have to "turn the direction" even once. For example, as a short-term vision, you have a target to get as many as 5,000 website visitors within six months. You estimate that by the third month, the number of visitors to your website has reached at least 2,500.

However, when checking in the third month, the number of website visitors still stopped at 1,500. This matter is certainly completely unexpected. If left unchecked, the next targets will definitely retreat and will have a bad impact on the business.

Well, with the vision of getting 2,500 website visitors in the sixth month, you are "forced" to take a different path from the previous plan. For example, check the results of website analytics to find out the cause or conduct a digital campaign to directly increase the awareness of the target consumers of your business website.

In essence, with a clear vision, you know where to take the business to go.

3. In Business, Everything Can Happen—Even Bankrupt

Remember that most products that exist in this world will definitely be obsolete in time, at least the original version. The easiest example in this case is a smartphone. The first generation iPhone released in 2007 used to no longer be a cool item because it was replaced by the next generation iPhone.

It turns out that it is not only the products that experience such obsolescence. This can also happen to businesses. Try thinking or be homepage-suppose: if your business is experiencing the same thing as a product that has become obsolete, what will be the cause?

By answering the question, you will be motivated to prevent it from happening. For example, you realize that during this time you have spent too much time dealing with HR-related matters, such as employee absenteeism, salary calculations, and so on. In fact, you can use this time to take care of other more important things such as thinking about new marketing strategies.

If this continues to be allowed, it is not impossible that the marketing department and other divisions will be neglected and make your business bankrupt. As a solution, for example, you can use HR software to automate the HR process in the company so that you have more time to focus on other things.

4. Prepare to Accept New Challenges

Challenges are one of the things that play a very big role in the success of a business. It is tempting to choose easy roads and minimal challenges in trying. However, with the challenges, this will actually help your business to continue to grow over time.

Each challenge will give you the opportunity to create a more certain direction in achieving business targets. It is these challenges that will lead you towards new business prospects and opportunities.

Let's say you have an online store venture that sells women's fashion. One of the biggest challenges is the large number of competitors who also sell similar products. You can't possibly close your online store right away, right?

This is where the challenge arises to create various innovations, both for products and services, that can make your business superior to competitors. With this innovation, you can attract more consumers who have never shopped at your online store before. In this case, a challenge can help you to increase the effort.

5. Dare to Take Risks

No one can guarantee that your venture will be successful. There is always uncertainty that accompanies every step of the way in trying. Then, how to know the right path?

Business owners who dare to take risks. However, every decision you make must be based on clear and rational reasons. Education certainly plays an important role in this because the information needed cannot be arbitrary and "origin comot".

If you are afraid to take risks and choose to stay in your comfort zone, you will only limit the effort to develop. Yes, you never know what's outside of that comfort zone. However, how can it be found out if you don't try? What if it turns out that this actually brings good to the business?

It's time to change your business mindset to be more courageous in making risky decisions. The business will never be successful if you are afraid to face rejection and other risks.

Of the five mindsets above, which one did you also think of? Hopefully, this pattern can help you have a definite direction in trying and stay open to the changes that usually occur. Happy running the business.

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